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Zodiak France

Zodiak Media France is the French division of Zodiak Media, comprising production companies Zodiak Fiction & Docs, GTV, ALP and KM Productions.

Zodiak Media France is active across all genres: drama, adventure games, game shows, magazine programming and documentaries – a diversity also reflected by Zodiak Media on an international scale.

Zodiak France’s latest hits include Versailles, Fort Boyard, Koh Lanta, Le Grand Journal, 28 minutes, Occupied, Blood on the Docks, Icequake: Panic in the Alps...

The Zodiak Media group is also active in the kids and animation genre in France through its subsidiaries Marathon Media and Tele Images, both part of Zodiak Kids, the division combining the group’s production, distribution and licensing activities for youth programming.

Mystere au Moulin Rouge
Fort Boyard
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