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Cartoon Networks chooses Totally Spies to lead its advertising campaign all over US.


Totally Spies has been aired on Cartoon Network for the past 18 months , 3 times per day in the best slots. The series is a blockbuster with more than 3 millions of viewers per week and consistently scores between the 1st and 3rd place depending on the week.
This huge success has convinced Cartoon Network to select the series for its advertising campaign in United States. And a giant poster campaign has been planned for the entire territory, including the New Yorker subway.
Also, Atomic Betty - another French series- is the second series on which the advertising campaign is based. (a Télé Image production, 52 x 23 minutes).
Totally Spies and Atomic Betty are the only French TV programs - across all categories - which have had considerable success in United-States. This success means that a French production has succeeded it breaking all boundaries, facing up to competitors such as Viacom, Disney and Warner Brothers.. a real challenge!
Cartoon Network is the second biggest children's channel in United States (after Nickelodeon and before Disney Channel).

The Totally Spies really are the most famous Frenchies in United States!