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Marathon's exciting new science show debuts October 11


The first episode of Marathon's exciting new science weekly show Mondes & Merveilles will air October 11, 2006 on France 5. Vincent Feragus, France 5's head of programming, describes the series as an “educational and accessible decoding of science in all its fields”. Mondes & Merveilles is inspired by the hugely popular German series “Welt der Wunder”, the rights to which were acquired by Marathon just a few months ago. Each 52-minute episode tackles 5 themes from the various fields of science. Each theme is presented in the form of a 5 to 10-minute story, covering topics as diverse as the war on counterfeiters, stress, microchips and the hidden side of hippos. From the outset, topics are programmed flexibly to enable it them to follow current events as they unfold. Penny Olmi, the series' presenter, provides the links between the different topics. She'll also regularly be joined on-set by scientific experts, who'll provide complementary information on a given subject during special editions of the show. The use of the latest in cutting-edge visual special effects provide a compelling edge to the show and to the Peggy's story introductions. As she stresses “on-set, my links between the different topics will be presented in a virtual environment that is in constant movement, thanks to the use of special effects and incrustations. Digital graphics provide a way to illustrate my explanations”. The use of these truly incredible yet remarkably lifelike digital images enables the series' various reports to be presented in a way that blends the spectacular with its educationally sound and informative subjects. The series' accessible style and vocabulary opens it up to the widest audience possible … even those who groan at the mere mention of the word “science”!