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Street Football awarded "Best New License 2006"!

Tele Images Kids is proud recipient this year's ActuKids/Univers d'Enfants Junior Communication Award - in the category "New Junior License" - for Street Football (currently aired weekly on France 3 in a 7:20 am timeslot). France Télévisions Distribution holds the French licensing rights to the show, which is produced by Télé Images Kids. The award is attributed each year to a new license targeting an under-13 age group, and is judged according to several criteria: the originality of the license's concept and its capacity to appeal to audiences, the originality, richness and quality of the brand's visual identity, the degree to which the license is in phase with its public's expectations, the effectiveness of communication aimed at achieving brand recognition among its target public. In addition to these criteria, the series' positive values and the license's stellar success during 2006 were key factors in the judges' final decision. The jury was comprised of children's marketing professionals, such as Dr Edwige Antier (pediatrician), Jean-Charles Lajouanie (Hachette), Julien Borde (France 3) and Armelle Le Bigot (ABC+). In less than 12 months, Street Football already has a remarkable and rapidly growing list of achievements: 17 product licensing contracts; 5 promotional partnership licenses; 150,000 album sales, with 20 weeks at the top of the charts; 250,000 books sold – Bibliothèque Verte's (Hachette) best-selling brand (with 7 titles published); 100,000 comic book sales, with 8 weeks at the top of the best-sellers' list (3 titles published); an apparel collection distributed throughout the GSM (Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc etc.) and VPC (3 suisses, La Redoute, etc.) chains; a collection of school supplies, to be available in stores from September 2007. The series, which is also a huge hit with audiences (an average 730,000 viewers during its first airing between January and June 2006), is soon to be followed by a second season (currently in-production). The third single from the series' album, interpreted by Téo Vidigal, is set for release February 12 2007, with the music video currently aired daily on France 3.