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Producer Stéphane Moatti joins Télé Images Studio to produce fiction content under his own brand, Thalie Images.


Producer Stéphane Moatti has joined Télé Images as its latest recruit, creating in the process his own brand Thalie Images within Télé Images Studio, headed by Nicolas Coppermann. An independent producer since 2000, Stéphane Moatti's previous work includes several M6 comedies produced in collaboration with K Star (Dominique Janne), such as Roméro et Juliette (starring Natacha Lindinger and Danny Brillant), Bataille Natale (starring Olivia Bonamy, Arié El Maleh, Julie Ferrier and Anémone), and Si j'étais elle: M6's highest-rating drama in 2004 (starring Hélène de Fougeroles and Thierry Lhermitte). Stéphane also worked in partnership with the Belgian production house K Star on several feature-length cinema productions, including Gérard Corbiau's The King is Dancing (Le Roi Danse), on which he worked as associate producer. Stéphane Moatti developed a solid experience in animation and drama with Gaspard de Chavagnac at Millésime, after having begun his career at Expand Images and Flach Films. Within the Télé Images Studio group, Stéphane Moatti will develop his own brand, Thalie Images, focused primarily on prime-time drama and comedy. Several projects with a number of networks are already in development.