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Following on from the ADIBOU ADVENTURES 1st season success, a second series is underway by TELE IMAGES KIDS, in association with France 5 and Mindscape


ADIBOU celebrates his 15th birthday with new adventures! Broadcast daily since February 2007 by FRANCE 5 in its "MIDI LES ZOUZOUS" timeslot, ADIBOO ADVENTURES has been an instant hit with audiences. In April, ACTU KIDS placed the series in the third highest-ratings spot for the network, with more than 420,000 viewers aged 4 to 10. For the second series, of 52 x 6'30'' episodes and entitled "Objective Earth", TELE IMAGES KIDS has chosen to uncover the wonders and mysteries of the planet Earth, whether in the sky, the desert, on icecaps, in volcanoes, at the Earth's core or the depths of the oceans. Each episode is a fun, educative adventure that enriches children's knowledge while providing them with a valuable insight into important environmental issues. Principally produced in France, in conjunction with the studio TEAM TO, the series will be in CGI and directed by Eric CAZES ("KIRI LE CLOWN", "YAKARI", etc.). The series will be ready in summer of 2008.