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Marathon Digital to produce "Dingo ou Mytho", the very first web series for MSN.


Marathon Digital, the new media branch of the Marathon Group, announces the production of the first comedy series for the MSN France portal: "Dingo ou Mytho" ("Loonies or Lies"), 15 two-minute episodes written and directed by Alain Kappauf and the team from "Caméra Café".

"Dino ou Mytho" tackles the world of information and gossip with tit for tat comedy, getting its inspiration in the "Odd News" section (the most popular of the MSN site). Each episode pictures the adventures of two journalist trainees within a web newsroom. Eager to uncover THE scoop that would give a real kick off to their career; they examine the craziest news ever and fight over their veracity: Loonies or Lies?

"Dingo ou Mytho" – a Marathon digital / Kabo co-production, in association with MSN – will be the subject of a wide-scale launch on MSN France this fall.