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Marathon announces the global launch of "GORMITI, the Lords of Nature Return" at MIPCOM JUNIOR 2008


The famous action-figures hit the screen!

Marathon will be launching the epic series "Gormiti, the Lords of Nature Return" at MIPCOM Junior 2008.

"Gormiti, the Lords of Nature Return" is an epic, 52 Half Hour action series, which follows the adventures of four regular kids who discover an alternate dimension: the Gorm, a parallel world populated by legendary creatures called Gormiti. Whenever this world is in danger, Earth is too. Our kid heroes receive superpowers and transform into super Gormiti, to fight their evil fire enemies.

Gormiti, the world devised by Leandro Consumi, has become the fastest growing boy's brand that ever hit the world. Mainly in Europe, Gormiti has sold to date 100 millions action figures manufactured by Giochi Preziosi Group, the Italian market leader on toys and one of the four biggest worldwide players in the development, production and distribution of toys and products aimed at the youth market.

"Gormiti, the Lords of Nature Return" will benefit from a major launch at MIPCOM Junior in October 2008, through a series of promotional events, a poster campaign within the market itself, as well as large press and advertising campaigns.

"The Gormiti series blend features that kids love and that have not been seen in animation for years: magic, epic action stories, legendary creatures and of course comedy! With the extraordinary success of the property in stores, this series is bound to be a global phenomenon for millions of kids, already in love with the Gormiti license" declares Marathon Media's CEO, Vincent Chalvon-Demersay.

In the assertion of Mr. Berté, Giochi Preziosi's Managing Director "Gormiti is a simple but amazing concept, a story based on magical powers and in close tie with natural elements, from which originated an entire toy characters' world. Each Gormiti character is part of a great saga, has its own personality, its own emotions, magical powers and typical strengths. A success story without limits and frontiers, a phenomenon in continuous evolution! Moreover, the new and appealing Gormiti animated series will surely contribute to make our children always more fond of their favourite heroes".

The 52 x 26' episodes of the TV series "Gormiti - The Lords of Nature Return" are produced in association with Mediaset and M6

It will air in Italy starting Fall 2008 on Mediaset, and Fall 2009 in the rest of the world.

Marathon International will handle the world wide TV & Video Sales.
Giochi Preziosi will handle the world wide Merchandising Program.