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Studio 24, season 4 in shooting from May 31st to July 9th in Paris.


A first step into adulthood for the new season of Studio 24

Tina, now 22, played by Priscilla Betti: Tina is still the perfect fiend, the complete artist and the loving fiancée she's always been. As the protégée of Christina Barnathan's Show Off agency or as the supporting actress in Vampyr – the new company's musical – Tina asserts herself. In her love life with Stan, she knows how to tread, in spite of the hardships, to build a strong lasting relationship.

Audrey, 24, played by Aurélie Konaté (Star Academy 2, Mission Florimont…): Audrey is no longer the straight-A, quiet and well-disciplined student of the Studio 24 she used to be; pregnant with Tom, she is determined to win back the father of her child.

Stan, 25, played by Laurent Marion (Sisterhood for France 2): Appointed Director of the company, he finds his way when he writes his first musical: Vampyr. He casts his fears and his aspirations in this project, becoming a complete artist in the process… even if he sometimes neglects Tina, essential to his balance.

Also discover new characters, making quite an entrance in choreographer Karim Brahi's company.