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More than 600,000 Totally Spies! Fashion Agents players on Facebook


Launched in September 2010 by OUAT Entertainment, based on Marathon Media's Totally Spies! Universe, the social-RPG (roleplaying game) now gathers more than 600,000 monthly active users and more than 80,000 daily active users. Among them are players of all ages and an ever-growing international audience (the game is currently available in English and in French).
(source: AppData)

A smart blend of original gameplays (both an avatar and apartment customization game, as well as a strategic game with missions, trainings and energy management), Totally Spies! Fasion Agents is an evolving game. Many new features are to be added by the beginning of 2011 (mission objectives, new assignments, weekly events, a Spanish and an Italian versionÂ…).

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