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Zodiak Rigths secures a raft of sales for Street Football


Street Football (78x26') has been acquired by a number of territories including: Tele 5 in Germany, where video and merchandising rights have also been sold to TMG; Cartoon Latin America; Noga in Israel, TSR in Switzerland; ERT in Greece and Inter TV in the Ukraine. In addition to these deals, Zodiak Rights has secured a number of in-flight sales. These sales add to the already long list of countries that broadcast the series, which now airs in around 100 territories covering every continent worldwide.

In France and Italy, Street Football has been a continual hit with Season 3 breaking audience records this summer on Italian broadcaster Rai achieving best audience for a cartoon show and on France 3 it attained the third best audience for a cartoon show. (Source: Kids TV report by Médiamétrie – July 2010).

In France, Street Football's on-line gaming platform which launched in June 2010 ( has also proved a major success, with more than 300,000 hits per month and more than 100,000 registered users with an average play time of more than 20 minutes per player.

Street Football is based on a book by Stefano Benni. The series is produced by Télé Images Productions (Philippe Alessandri and Giorgio Welter) for France Televisions and Rai Fiction.