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SUMMER CAMP: best French series launch in over a year (All channels)


Excellent launch last night for the new 6-episode series SUMMER CAMP produced by Marathon Images (Yann Chassard and Stéphane Moatti)!

The first two episodes broadcast yesterday evening, Monday April 16th on TF1, gathered 6,5 million viewers (+700 000 viewers versus the slot average) and ranked #1 amongst all programmes aired in prime time.

SUMMER CAMP delivered the second highest Housewives-50 share for a French fiction prime time this season (27,7% share).

It is worth noting the show's audience increased between episode 1 and 2 :
EPISODE 1 (20h58): 24,4% 4+ share / 26,1% Housewives-50 share
EPISODE 2 (21h55): 27,1% 4+ share / 29,4% Housewives-50 share. This episode was the highest rated of this season on TF1 among 4+ and housewives.

The story :
When Morgane, 35, is asked to take the reins of her father's summer camp after his heart attack, she discovers one hell of a shambles, with totally overwhelmed counselors and kids left to their own devices! Morgane also finds Loïc, her high school sweetheart, now a sailing instructor, with whom she starts flirting for old times' sake. It all gets a bit more complicated when Thomas, Morgane's ex-boyfriend, decides to come and win her back.

Morgane has to juggle between a fire on the premises, runaway kids, trapped counselors, mischievous teens and her own doubts. If it weren't enough, Morgane discovers she is pregnant! But with whom?

To find out, watch the new episodes on Monday April 23rd and 30th at 20:50 on TF1!