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Mona Lisa's Life in Hell nicks another Prize


The Life in Hell collection just snatched its tenth International Award. The acclaimed "Creatures of Salt and Acid" episode of the series won the Animal Film Prize at the Festival International du Film Maritime d'Exploration et d'Environnement (International Marine Exploration and Environment Film Festival) that took place in Toulon (south of France) in early October.

Directed by Thierry Berrod and produced by Mona Lisa (part of Zodiak Media), the Life in Hell collection (4 x 60' ) examines the ‘extremophiles' - astounding organisms that thrive in the most extreme conditions on Earth. This series follows several groups of researchers on expeditions to the world's most extreme locations including the great salt lakes of Senegal, France, Tanzania and the US; the hot springs and boiling lakes of New Zealand and Yellowstone Park in the US; the extreme cold glaciers of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans; and deep caves in Romania, Slovenia and Mexico. Packed with a strong visual punch, this series combines Cineflex aerial shots with the latest techniques for filming including optical and electronic microscopy.