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Tele Images Productions to develop a daytime series for France 4


Tele Images has just signed a development convention with France 4 for a daytime series, as part of the competition launched last September by the channel. Philippe Alessandri and Arnaud Figaret have thus started the development of Revenge of a Brunette (working title), a soap set in the fashion industry in Argentina, where a young woman expatriates. She will meet other French expatriates, who have relocated to Buenos Aires to change lives and fulfill an old dream.

The 100x26' series created by Aurélie Belko and Agathe Robillard will see its first episodes directed Adeline Darreaux (Lifelines, Studio 24). With 150 half-hours produced since 2008 (Studio 24, Lifelines), Tele Images has a solid experience with this type of series. Tele Images and the other 2 finalist producers are to hand in the narratives arches and 5 dialogued episodes – cofinanced by the channel – by the end of March.