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Contestant on 'Koh Lanta' tragically dies


Twenty-Five-Year-old Gerald Babin, contestant on Koh-Lanta (French version of Survivor), died from a heart attack today on the first day of filming of the 16th season of the TV show, in Cambodia.

The tragedy occurred suddenly, just a few hours into the shoot. Gérald suffered cramps during the very first game following the contestants' arrival on the set and received first-aid treatment from the production team's emergency doctor. It was then decided he should be taken by boat to the production's infirmary.
During the journey, Gérald felt faint then lost consciousness. His heart also stopped at this time.
The doctor instantly administered a heart massage.
His heart started beating again but it was decided he should immediately be taken by helicopter to Sihanoukville hospital.
His heart stopped again during the helicopter ride then started beating again, a second time. Gérald, 25 years old, was diagnosed as deceased just minutes after reaching the hospital.

Psychological help is available for Gerald's friends and family, as well as to the show's contestants and members of its production team.

All the ALP teams, along with Denis Brogniart, are deeply saddened by this incident and their thoughts go out to his family.
They wish to express their condolences to Gérald's parents, sister, girlfriend and close friends.

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