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Zodiak Media's Mona Lisa Production pre-sells Life on Us to Discovery A science documentary directed by Pierre-François Gaudry for Arte and SBS


Mona Lisa, a Zodiak Media company, is thrilled to announce international pre-sales for Life on Us, its new 90' prime-time science documentary co-produced with Smith and Nasht for Arte (France and Germany) and SBS (Australia). Delivery of the film directed by Pierre-François Gaudry is planned in December 2013 and will be aired in its 2x60' by SBS.

Discovery Communications Europe has pre-acquired the 2x60' version and will premiere the series in Europe (excluding France, Belgium and Germany), Middle East and Africa, representing over 80 territories.

This partnership is part of a long-lasting relationship between Mona Lisa and the Discovery network, who have been collaborating over the years on a number a projects through pre-acquisitions or co-productions, including: Life in Hell (2010), Aliens of the Amazon (2009), a Discovery/Science Channel/Mona Lisa co-production; The Inner Adventure (2008), a Discovery/Science Channel/Mona Lisa co-production; Our child is a gorilla (2006), a Discovery Europe/Animal Planet/Mona Lisa co-production; and Squatters (2002).

Meanwhile, Globosat (Brazil), TV5 (Quebec) and RTBF (Belgium) have also acquired the broadcasting rights to Life on Us for a release during the first semester of 2014.

Life on Us is a journey of a new kind, a 90' anatomic safari on the surface and in the depths of our own body. Exploring our body, as if planet Earth, Life on Us reveals a rich cluster of ecosystems, populated by awkward and sometimes beautiful creatures. Life on Us is directed by Pierre-François Gaudry, and produced in partnership with the INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research). View trailer:

Complementary to the documentary, is a dedicated application aimed at a large audience, The Interactive Adventure, developed by Mona Lisa and Kids Uphill for, including 3D sequences and a series of mini real or virtual experiments.

Eric Vernière handles international presales at Mona Lisa, while Zodiak Rights holds the worldwide distribution rights to Life on Us.

Other Mona Lisa projects include Urine Superpowers (52'), another documentary for Arte to be delivered in December 2013; as well as a series of ambitious international co-production documentary series. Urine Superpowers is an international scientific investigation across China, the USA and Europe revealing how the urine could revolution the health industry (stem cells, anti-aging and anti-cancer medicine), agriculture (organic fertilizer), and the industry (production of hydrogen, plastic, green energy).
Recently, Mona Lisa's documentary Sharks of the Mediterranean (52') aired on France 2 scoring the second best rating of the slot.
Additionally, Mona Lisa very recently received multiple awards during the prestigious Japan Wildlife Festival for its documentary series: Life in Hell, Best series; Invisible Nature – colonizing Plants, Educational encouragement Award; Invisible Nature – Power of Plants, Plant Ecology Award.

© Life on Us: Mona Lisa Production / Smith & Nasht / ARTE / SBS (2013)