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Yellow Bird, GTV, TV2 Norway and Arte begin filming Occupied, the political thriller series based on an original idea by world-acclaimed Scandi crime writer, Jo Nesbø


Yellow Bird, GTV, TV2 Norway and Arte today announce that filming of Occupied, the gripping 10 x 45' political thriller series set in the near future, has now started. Occupied is based on an original idea and concept created by world-acclaimed Scandi crime writer Jo Nesbø (Headhunters, The Snowman, the Harry Hole series).

Originally developed by Yellow Bird and Jo Nesbø, Occupied is coproduced by Zodiak Media companies Yellow Bird and GTV, with TV2 Norway and Arte France.

The Zodiak Rights sales teams currently in Cannes handle the worldwide sales of the series (excluding Scandi).

Erik Skoldbjaerg (Insomnia, Prozac Nation, Pioneer) and Charlotte Brandström (Wallander, Vaugand), will be directing the series, alongside Pål Sletaune (Babycall, Junk Mail), Erik Richter Strand and John Andreas Andersen. Main cast includes Henrik Mestad (Lillyhammer, The Half Brother), Ane Dahl Torp (As you see me, Dead Snow, Lunch), Eldar Skar, and Selome Emnetu. Karianne Lund is the head-writer of the series.

A truly international series, Occupied is set in Norway and filmed in English, Norwegian and Russian. Filming takes place in Norway from April 1st to November 21st.

Occupied is a multi-layered political suspense thriller set in a not distant future where Russia, endorsed by the international community, has invaded Norway to control its oil resources. The official line is that they will retreat after having restored the oil production and exportations Norway had suspended out of concern for the climate. However, the real reason might very well be to control the oil and to make sure the profits end up in the right pockets… Yet peaceful, this "silk-glove" invasion gradually breeds patriotism and resistance factions are formed. Between Russian dignitaries, Norwegian officials and opposition groups, loyalties are formed and betrayals take place.

The series explores the themes of loyalty to oneself, one's family and one's country.