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New documentaries presented at Mipdoc 2002

A 52 minute documentary film directed by Tal Imbermann & Yoram Chertok / Produced by Donna Productions.

At a time when new, foolproof security measures are essential to guarantee the security of civil aviation worldwide, experts are looking to Israel and its top-notch aviation security systems for inspiration. This documentary will uncover many of the extraordinary security methods the Israelis have developed, as well as the preventive measures that other countries around the world have taken.
World renowned experts will explain past catastrophes and will analyze current problems and possible solutions to avoid a repeat of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

A 52 minutes directed by: Thomas Johnson / produced by Arnaud Hamelin

By telling the story of Flight 93 and its occupants, this documentary is a tribute to the passengers who revolted against the hijackers on September 11th 2001, causing the Flight number 93, from New York to San Francisco - the fourth detoured airplane in an apocalyptic plot - never to hit its target. Today, the American public and political class have elevated these courageous individuals to the level of national heroes through an outpouring of respect, admiration and gratitude.
A Sunset Presse / M6 co-production

A 52 minutes documentary directed by Antoine Lassaigne. A Marathon / Discovery Channel co-production.

Marathon has just put the finishing touches to an exceptional documentary on the Geishas, a co-production with Discovery Channel.
Less than fifty Geishas remain in Gion, the traditional Geisha neighborhood of Kyoto, where the documentary was shot. As always, they uphold the ideal of feminine beauty in modern Japanese society and continue to fascinate travelers. But only a handful of wealthy Japanese connoisseurs are allowed near them.
This unique documentary gives us an insider's view into the secretive world of true Geishas. Until now, no film crew, Japanese or foreign, has ever gained access to the private performances where Geishas practice the art of receiving and entertaining in the utmost respect of Japanese traditions. This Kyoto-based documentary is mirrored by observations from English sociologist and author of "Geishas", Lesley Downer.

10 X 52 minutes
A documentary series co-produced by Pixcom Productions in Montreal and VM Productions in Paris.

We rarely consider how buses arrive on time, until we're stuck at a bus stop with no vehicle in sight. When the power fails, we are suddenly aware of how much of our lives depend on electricity.
As we begin life in the 21st century, scientific discovery and new technologies are transforming our quality of urban life. Our expectations are also changing: we think nothing of going half way around the world for a vacation and expect the trip to be smooth and without complications; we want our streets to be safe, in good repair, and able to take us in and out of town according to our individual agendas; we expect construction to be booming (without the noise), fresh tomatoes to be available (in the middle of winter), and to exit from a 75,000 seat hockey arena without punishing delays in the parking lot.
In TECHNOPOLIS, we will go inside the workings of some of the biggest cities on our planet to see how urban systems are managed: a mass transit scheme in Paris which carries hundreds of thousands of people through a myriad of metros, buses, and trains; fresh Quebec lettuce produced for Hong Kong pallets; the emergency control measures which cleaned Montreal out of an ice storm and will keep hospitals open in San Francisco during an earthquake.

A 52 minutes documentary directed by Delphine Brémond.
A Marathon / Animal Planet / La Cinquième co-production.

This 52-minute documentary takes us on a 6-month adventure, following the daily life of a couple of Masai Mara ostriches and their young, as well as a group of ostriches in the north of the country.
We can admire never seen before pictures of the courting ritual between the male and female, the laying of the eggs, the magical moment of hatching, then the baby ostriches exploring the nest neighborhood and getting to know their parents. We discover how our ostrich family will live as a proper entity, in the green savannah.

A 52 minutes documentary directed by Eric Robert and Sylvie Bergerot.
Produced by Marathon and Animal Planet.

Since time immemorial, the crocodile - the undisputed master of rivers and watering places - has inspired awe in people's hearts. This film takes us into the private world of these formidable warriors, who are well-known for being among the most fearsome predators of the animal kingdom!


A 52 minute wildlife documentary written and directed by Bertrand Loyer
Produced by Frédéric Loyer / Saint-Thomas Production.

The dolphin surprises us yet again. Group assistance, an unknown side of this charismatic animal's behavior, is the central theme of this documentary presented as a scientific fable.
Documenting a wide range of behaviors in oceans around the globe, this initiatory voyage depicts the dolphin's altruistic world as we follow the misadventures of one of them in search of a host group. May it be while hunting fish stranded in shallow waters in South Carolina, playing with a venomous snake in the Rangiroa lagoon, defending the group against a tiger shark attack in the Marquesas islands, parading in the crystal-clear pacific waters or surfing on waves from the bows of tankers in Texas, everything relies on the group: the dolphin needs to be surrounded by its peers to feed, defend himself, communicate and breed.
This documentary presents the dolphins' world in a new light: that of a community of merciless hunters.


A 52 minute wildlife documentary directed by Bertrand Loyer.
A Saint-Thomas / France 3 / Mona Lisa co-production.

Once upon a time there was a tick. A female tick that lived buried deep in the feathers of a Laysan Albatross. Together, they traveled across the sprawling north of the Pacific Ocean, between the Hawaiian and the Aleutian Islands. While her host wandered the stormy sky in search of squid or fish, she lived an untroubled life, clinging to the underside of a nice dry layer of down feathers.
During the Albatross's mating season, these vagabonds of the ocean are obliged to return to land. On Midway Island, their frolics and the inevitable mutual grooming brought a temporary end to the gentle quiet where the tick had been burrowed. Having come face to face with beaks that penetrate the plumage over and over, she preferred to throw in the towel and let herself fall on the ground where other dangers await her.
The tick shows her amazing capacities for resistance: trampled by the bird's webbed feet, uplifted by playful air currents, or even better, squashed by an egg that falls from a height of over a thousand times her size, she survives and gives birth to the next generation. The young ticks begin a very hazardous existence, the luckiest ones will grab on to whatever bird happens to pass by, the others wait on the corner of a rock for better days to come, others still will end with their host in a tiger shark's jaw.

A 52 minutes documentary film written, directed and produced by Marina Zenovich.
Executive producer : Steven Soderbergh / Producers : Vikram Jayanti and Frederic Forestier.

WHO IS BERNARD TAPIE? follows filmmaker Marina Zenovich's journey from Los Angeles to France over the course of several years as she attempts to make sense of one of Europe's most notorious, enigmatic and intriguing personalities. Presented in a spontaneous, as-it-happens style and featuring Zenovich as both the narrator and a main character, this unique explores issues of power, revenge and seduction through the striking and fascinating character of Tapie himself.

A 52 minute documentary directed by Sylvie Levey and Pascal Vasselin, produced by Arnaud Hamelin.

Shanghai's principal dancer, 33-year-old Jin Xing, is a big star. This young woman is the first contemporary choreographer to have received recognition in over half a century of national Communism. But the most amazing thing about Jin Xing's unique story is that, up until 1995, this beautiful young woman was a boy, a colonel in the People's Liberation Army.
This documentary tells the extraordinary tale of China's most emblematic transsexual.
A Sunset Presse / Arte coproduction.

A 52 minutes directed by Thomas Johnson. Produced by Arnaud Hamelin.
A Sunset Presse / System TV / M6 coproduction.

This documentary follows the journey of one of the most wanted men in the U.S, right up to his recent arrest on April 2001. During 10 years, Christophe Rocancourt had been flitting between Hollywood, St-Tropez and Geneva, changing identities on the way, befriending stars and swindling them out of millions of dollars in the process.

A 52 minute documentary film directed by Emmanuel François.
Produced by Arnaud Hamelin / Sunset Presse for France 3 and Time TV

The film is a bracing account of the Israeli secret service's elimination of the 13 Palestinians responsible for the massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympics, over a period spanning twenty years after the event.
GOLDA'S LIST was finalist for the 2001 International EMMY AWARDS.