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Marathon at rendez-vous 2002


New documentaries at Rendez-Vous 2002 :

Atta, Jarrah and Moussaoui. From now on, these three names are indelible features in the history books of terrorism. Along with Ben Laden, they are synonymous with the tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001.
After "flight 93: America's new heroes", film-maker Thomas Johnson now gives friends and relatives of these three men a chance to express themselves. He also takes us through Zacarias Moussaoui's mother's struggle to save her son from the electric chair, in America.
In "The spiral of Martyrdom", former terrorists, repentant Moslems and kamikaze experts throw authoritative light on the mystery of this act of terrorism.

PEPSI VS COCA-COLA - A duel between giants
A duel of giants has been going on for nearly a century, devouring billions of dollars along the way. It is a battle of worldwide proportions, spangled with dirty tricks.
The hundred-year war between Coca Cola and Pepsi is complete with its share of social and economic stakes, its victims, spies, below-the-belt punches, truces and re-openings. It is a conflict between two very rich multinationals, both as determined as each other to win over the international beverage market.

A few years ago, a particularly dark moment in America's history reared its ugly head out of the shadows of oblivion. We are talking about the massacre perpetrated in the name of the "Lynch Law". The statistics are alarming: from the end of the 1800s to the 1960s, over 4000 African Americans were slaughtered, by whatever means.
Strife has struck America as survivors, witnesses and historians alike have finally started asking their country (or their towns) for an explanation...

THE SPIRAL OF MARTYRDOM, LYNCH LAW AND PEPSI VERSUS COCA are produced by Arnaud Hamelin / Sunset Presse.

New children's programming at Rendez-Vous 2002 :

Marathon launches 26 new episodes of the series

After the remarkable success of the first season, Marathon is currently producing 26 new episodes of the animated series Marsupilami.

In France, the first season featuring France's favorite mascot has proven to be a remarkable success for its two broadcasters. Launched on Canal J in 2000 and on France 3 in 2001, the series has become immensely popular among children. It is currently rated number one in its time slot on France 3 for viewers ages 4 to 10, every day the series is broadcast.

"After one year of broadcast on our channel, Marsupilami has become one of our most cherished series", says the spokesperson at France 3, Patricia Adane. "Highly demanded by children ages 4 to 14, it has become one of the cornerstones of our programming, and always scores high in the ratings. As soon as they hear "Houba! Houba!", Children are glued to their television sets. And France 3 is no exception: after the great success of the first season, we have decided to launch, alongside Marathon, the production of a second season of 26 episodes!"

This success is not only true for France, but also abroad. The international ratings are just as outstanding in countries such as Spain, Germany, and Italy. But the Marsupilami has done more than win the heart of Western Europe. It has already been picked up by television stations all over the world: Canada, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have all given in to the Marupilami's irresistible charm!

For the second season, explains Marathon producer Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, "we have decided to give a new twist to the concept of the series by introducing a human family into the Palombian jungle! The Marsupilami's new neighbors will multiply the intrigues in the storyline, increase the action, and of course.create even more laughs!"

TOTALLY SPIES: Selling all around the world, including TV Tokyo
26 new episodes in production

Already a big hit in the US and in France (cf our excellent market shares on Abc Family and TF1),TOTALLY SPIEScontinues to conquer new territories, already sold to Germany (ProSieben), U.S (ABC Family), England (Channel 4), Fox Kids Europe (28 millions subscribers), Italy (Rete Italia), Belgium (RTL TVI), Denmark (TV2 Denmark), Norway (TV2 Norway), Finland (MTV3), Portugal (RTP), Ireland (RTE), Cyprus (Cyprus Broadcasting), South Africa (SABC), Canada (Teletoon), Panama ((TV Panama), Venezuela (Venevision), Latin America Pansat (Fox latin America), Brazil (Globo), Korea (Disney), Indonesia (PT Indonesia), Hong Kong (Buena Vista), Philippines (ABS CBN), Singapore (TV12), Thailand (BB TV7 et Disney Taïwan), Australia (Nickelodeon), New Zealand (TV3 New Zealand), and, last but not least! TV Tokyo - the broadcaster of Pokemon. Having a show in Japan is extremely rare for a Western series.

Each of these channels considers TOTALLY SPIES a priority for 2002-2003. In most cases, the series is to be broadcast either before or after Pokemon.

New documentary series for children

26 x 13'
The heroes of Locomotion are aged between seven and twelve. They live in all parts of the world, in villages or large cities. They all use different means of transport to get to school, go on vacation, visit family, go shopping or indulge in sports activities. Their daily life is often paced by these various different modes of transport. We discover some pretty surprising means of locomotion that are specific to certain countries. And when the machine in question is of an extraordinary nature, it can cause quite a lot of laughs and excitement!


26 x 13'
This documentary series for children invites us to discover the world through the family unit. It is a microcosm which reveals a social milieu, a culture and on a larger scale, a society. At first sight, the concept of family seems universal. But from one country to another, the family cell is very different. The role of the parents also varies from one culture to the next. In each episode, a child will welcome us into his/her family and let us discover family lifestyles which are as astonishing as they are enriching.

With Locomotion and My Family and me, Marathon is now offering over 15 documentary series inviting children to discover other children around the world.